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Cricket dates back in the 16th century when it was played by children in England


Cricket dates back in the 16th century when it was played by children in England and later adopted by adults as a rigorous test of strategic thinking, physical endurance and athletic skill. Today, this game is played all over the world but nowhere does it have as many fans as in India. ICL which stands for Indian cricket league is one of the most popular cricket league. It includes tournaments between four international cricket teams and nine domestic ones and the matches are played in the T20 format.

Due to its popularity, cricket betting is on the rise with both online and land based casinos accepting rupee deposits to cater for Indian bettor. Different casinos also offer a wide selection of cricket bets bot for Indian matches as well as international matches.


Wagering with slow sites in terms of making payments or those that do not pay at all can be quite frustrating. Also, not all online casinos accept Indian players. Some of the best cricket online betting sites for India include:

• Bet365

Bet365 accepts Rupee deposits and it has a wide selection of cricket bets.

• Betfair

Betfair has a unique selection of sports betting options and also accepts Rupee deposits. It also offers poker and casino.

• Betway

Betway is the latest casino to accept Rupee payments. They have a strong selection of sports betting options including cricket, casino, horse racing among others.


Given the many cricket betting opportunities, bettors should have a winning strategy. This requires studying the statistics and history of cricket teams and players which fortunately is in abundance online. This information will help you make informed betting decisions.

The first step to reaping big from cricket betting is limiting the scope of wagering. Cricket has so many leagues, players and teams which makes it difficult to become knowledgeable of all of them. Selecting a specific league narrows your focus and makes betting more manageable.

Match betting is another cricket betting strategy. Almost half of one’s wagering activities is related to picking winners which explains why it pays to become prolific in handicapping. The criteria to be examined include player trends, weather forecast and team form and other conditions of the ground and the pitch. Handicappers should also seek the best odds and compare prices offered by different bookmakers before placing their bets.

Types of cricket bets offered

The types of bets offered frequently by top cricket betting sites include:

• Match bet

This is one of the most popular wager in cricket. It allows betters to choose one side during a match and if the prediction is right, they receive a payout on the pre agreed odds which is either expressed as moneylines, decimals or fractions.

• Outright winner and series winner

Series winner is offered when a team is playing more than one game in a series while outright winner refers to bets placed on a single team to win the season or tornament.

• Prop bets

Prop or proposition cricket are bets that are not related to the final results of a match, tournament or series. They include team propositions, which side will win the opening coin toss or whether the total score of a certain team will be under or over a certain number of runs.

They also include player proposition based on individual performances

• Tied match

Also known as Draw No bets, tied match involves wagering on the possibility of test matches to end up as a draw.

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